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2 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2001

I Course Contents

The Intensive Course on Medical Law is the result of the cooperation between sixteen European universities: Athens, Bremen, Cambridge, Coimbra, Essex, Geneva, Helsinki, La Sapienza Rome, Louvain, Poitiers, Regensburg, Sheffield, Tartu, Uppsala, Utrecht and Vienna.
Most specially, Professor Ewoud Hondius, together with Sabine Michalowski and Marianne Sedlmeier, has set up the Summer Programme in European Medical Law. This programme has been very successful as a forum for discussion and promotion of medical law.
The first three Courses (Regensburg, Utrecht and Helsinki) had a grant of the Commission of the European Communities. Unfortunately, after three years the European Commission no longer supports this kind of programmes; therefore we have been asking for sponsors in Portugal in order to continue this scientific project, and some Institutions give us some financial support.
This year we will follow the traditional organisation: 2 students from each partner-University and 5 from the host University; but we will also invite 1 or 2 students/professionals from the each of the Portuguese speaking countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape-Green, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, S. Tomé e Príncipe and East-Timor. We also invite a few students from other Universities (Maastricht and Deusto). There will be around 40-50 students in the class-room.

The course aims at introducing the students into selected topics of bioethics and medical law, such as patients rights and health care systems in different European countries, euthanasia and palliative medicine, the reproductive health law, including surrogate motherhood and cloning, genetics, patenting, medical liability, privacy legislation, health and human rights and finally a debate on the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine.

This edition the official languages will be English and French.

II Teaching Staff

We are happy to welcome leading academics in the field of health law, medical ethics and medicine:

Professor Costa Andrade, University of Coimbra.
Professor of Criminal Law.

Professor Luís Archer,
Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics (USA). Introducer in Portugal of research and teaching in Molecular Genetics. Emeritus Professor, New University of Lisbon. President, The National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences (appointed by the Prime-Minister). Academician, Lisbon Academy of Sciences, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, New York Academy of Sciences. Award: "Grã-Cruz da Ordem de Sant'Iago da Espada, 1991. Eight books, 250 papers published. Jesuit Priest.

Professor Roger Brownsword;
Professor of Law, University of Sheffield, 1990-present; Head of Department of Law, University of Sheffield, 1999-present Director and Member of the Editorial Committee of the Modern Law Review and editor of the case-note section, 1990-1999; Convenor of the Wedderburn Prize Committee.

Professor Alberto Cadoppi, University of Parma.

Professor Faria Costa, University of Coimbra.
Professor of Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law, Member of the Ethics Committee at the Coimbra's University Hospital. He has published several articles on biomedical issues.

Professor Ewoud Hondius, University of Utrecht.
Ewoud Hondius (1942) read law in Leyden and New York (Columbia University). He has been Professor of Civil Law at the University of Utrecht as of 1980. Before that, he was Professor of Civil Law at the University of Leyden. He has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of London (Queen Mary & Westfield College), Paris I and Sydney. He is a member of the Netherlands Academy of Sciences and of the International Academy of Comparative Law.
Since 1985 he has been involved in teaching medical law, in particular the relation between patient and doctor. He has taught medical law both in Utrecht and in Paris, as well as in postgraduate courses for medical scientists and lawyers. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Dutch Medical Law Review (Tijdschrift voor Gezondheidsrecht), is a member of a Complaints Board for Medical Liability of a large insurance company and has served on a number of government commissions dealing with medical law. He has also published a number of law review articles on medical law. Together with Sabine Michalowski and Marianne Sedlmeier he has set up the Summer Programme in European Medical Law.

Professor Gilbert Hottois, Free University of Brussels.

Professor Raimo Lahti, University of Helsinki.
Professor Raimo Lahti has degrees on two disciplines: he gained his Doctorate in law in 1974 and a Master's degree in social sciences in 1971. He has been Professor in Criminal Law first at the University of Turku and then at the University of Helsinki since 1976. He has led the research group on Biomedicine and law at the University of Helsinki since 1995. He has been actively involved in the development of medical law in Finland. He was Secretary of the Abortion, Sterilisation and Castration Law Committee (1967-68), Chairman of the Commission on the Legal Safeguards in Health Care (1980-82), Chairman of the Working Party on the Legal Aspects of the Hunger Strike of a Prisoner (1990-91) and Chairman of the Working Party on Crimes against the Embryo and Foetus and the Genetic Integrity (1988-89, 1998 - ).
He has been a Permanent Expert for the National Board of Health (1970-91) and continued as a Permanent Expert for the Board's successor National Authority of Medicolegal Affairs (1992 - ). Professor Lahti has also been a Member of the National Advisory Board in Health Care Ethics since its foundation in 1998. His primary interest areas include patients' rights, sanction systems in medical law (including medical liability), forensic medicine and the legal status of the fetus and the embryo.

Professor Sinde Monteiro, University of Coimbra.
Professor Jorge Ferreira Sinde Monteiro (1944) obtained his Ph.D. in 1990 from the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra. He was appointed Professor auxiliar and, in 1995, was promoted to the level of Professor associado. He is a member of the Direction of the "Centro de Direito Biomédico da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra" (Center of Biomedical Law, Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra). He has participated in a variety of colloquiums and study groups, both in Portugal and abroad. In the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra he runs the course on the Law of Obligations (Direito das Obrigações) and post graduate Studies on Civil Law (civil liability).
In the ambit of a European Science Foundation research project he compiled the (civil law) part of the report on Medical Liability in Portugal (published in Medical Responsibility in Western Europe, 1985). He has also co-authored the Portuguese report for the International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law.

Professor Herman Nys, University of Leuven.
Herman Nys obtained a degree of master (1974) and doctor (1990) in law at the KULeuven. He specialised in medical law in European universities (Nijmegen; London). He teaches medical law in the medical and law school of the Kuleuven and is guest professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain. He is also professor in international health law at the University of Maastricht. He is the author of a standardwork on Belgian medical law that was published in Dutch (1991) and French (1995). He is the editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Medical Law, a looseleaf review of medical law of many national states. His main research interests are genetics, biomedical research with human beings and end of life. He is past-president of the Advisory Group on Ethics of Europabio and member of the Belgian Advisory Council on Bioethics and different institutional ethics committees.

Professor Guilherme de Oliveira, University of Coimbra, Course Director;
Professor of Civil Law (Family Law) and Medical Law (at the Faculty of Medicine). Director of the Centre for Biomedical law and the Centre for Family law, he organizes the post-graduation course on Medical Law and the Course on Protection of Minors. He published several articles and books on the fields of family law and medical law. Prof. Oliveira is the Course Director.

Professor Alexandre Quintanilha,
Professor of Biophysics, Biomedical Institute and Director of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Oporto.

Professor Jorge Saraiva, University of Coimbra, Faculty of Medicine;
MD, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 1985; "Diploma in Clinical Genetics", Department of Paediatric Genetics, Institute of Child Health, University of London, United Kingdom, 1991; MSc, Medical Genetics, University of Porto, Portugal, 1993; PhD, Medicine, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 1995. Director of the Medical Genetics Unit, Paediatric Hospital of Coimbra; Member of the Direction of the Medical Genetics College, Ordem dos Médicos; Former President of the Portuguese Society of Human Genetics. Author of two books and 60 scientific publications (20 in international journals and 40 in Portuguese journals).

Professor Jorge Sequeiros, Universidade do Porto.
Jorge Sequeiros, Professor of Medical Genetics, ICBAS, and director of UnIGENe (Unit for
Genetics and Epidemilological Research on Neurological Disorders), and of CGPP (Center
for Predictive and Preventive Genetics), IBMC, Univ. Porto; member of the Ethical
Committees of ICBAS, IBMC, SPGH (Portuguese Society of Human Genetics) and of the Ataxia
Research Group, World Federation of Neurology; President of the College of Medical
Genetics, Ordem dos Médicos (Portuguese Medical Association).

Professor Meliço Silvestre, University of Coimbra, Faculty of Medicine;
Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Chair. President of the Committee on Medical Education at the Faculty of Medicine. Director of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Hospital of the University of Coimbra.

Professor Asier Urruela-Mora, University of Deusto, Bilbao;
Asier Urruela Mora (born in Bilbao, Spain) has a Degree in Law and Economics (University of Deusto). He has worked as lawyer for the firm "Ernst & Young" in Bilbao, in the Tax Department, being in charge of the Labour Law Department as well.
Since October 1998, he holds a Research Scholarship granted by the Basque Government, as Assistant of the Criminal Law Department in the Faculty of Law at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). He is currently member of the InterUniversity Chair BBVA Foundation-Provincial Government of Biscay, in Law and the Human Genome, University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). He is also Lecturer of Criminal Law at the Universidad a Distancia (UNED) in Bergara. He has published a number of articles about Criminal Law.
His other research interests centre on Genetics, having given several lectures and participated in different projects, both at home and abroad. Currently he takes part as member of the InterUniversity Chair BBVA Foundation-Provincial Government of Biscay, in Law and the Human Genome, University of Deusto and University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in the EU Project "Xenotrasplantation: ethical, social, economical and legal aspects".

Professor Duarte Nuno Vieira, University of Coimbra, Faculty of Medicine.
Professor of Medicine - University of Coimbra, President of The National Institute of Legal Medicine, President of The Legal-Medical Council, President of the National Council of Legal Medicine, President of the Complementary Internal of Legal Medicine, President of the Portuguese Association of Corporal Damage Assessment, Vice-President of the International Academy and the European Academy of Legal Medicine, Direction Member of the European Confederation of Specialists in Corporal Damage Assessment; Portugal Delegate in The European Council of Legal Medicine.

Dr. Álvaro Dias, University of Coimbra.

Dr. Salla Lötjönen, University of Helsinky.
Ms. Salla Lötjönen (1970) is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Helsinki. She gained her LL.M. in 1995 at the University of Helsinki and in the following year she did the Master of Arts degree in Medical Ethics and Law at King's College London. During the academic year 1997-1998 she was a visiting researcher at the University College London. She is the jurist member of the National Medical Research Ethics Committee of Finland and she has written on medical research, medical negligence and research ethics.

Dr. João Loureiro, University of Coimbra.
Member of the Center of Biomedical Law and Center for Bioethical Studies, teaches Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law, Coimbra. He has published several articles on human genome, embryo, abortion, transplantation and other bioethical and biomedical issues.

Dr. João P. Remédio Marques, University of Coimbra;
João P. Remédio Marques studied law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra. He obtained a LLM on Civil Law in February 1993. He is presently preparing a PhD dissertation on the legal framework of the patenteability of biological material (including the human genes and parts of the human body: cells, tissues, organs,…). He is Assistant Professor of Family and Sucession Law in the Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra and Professor of Comercial and Civil Procedure Law in the Law Faculty of the Lusíada University of Oporto. He has published several articles on intellectual property protection (patents, copyright, industrial designs) of biological material, including human genes.

Dr. Sabine Michalowski, University of Essex;
Sabine Michalowski is currently a lecturer in law at the University of Essex. Prior to that, she was a lecturer in law at the University of Sheffield. She graduated from Hamburg, qualified as a lawyer in Berlin, holds a Diploma in Comparative Law awarded by the University of Paris II and a PhD from the University of Sheffield. Her main research interests lie in the area of health law, and she has published on different aspects of health law from a comparative European perspective. She is currently teaching medical law, criminal law and comparative law.

Dr. Helena Moniz, University of Coimbra.
Helena Moniz studied Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra (1982-88); in 1992, postgraduated with a dissertation on Criminal Law - Forgery documents [original title: O crime de falsificação de documentos, Coimbra: Almedina, 1993 (out of print), Coimbra Editora, 1999 (reimpression), ISBN 972-32-0931-4]. Assistant in the same Faculty since 1999; member of the International Association of Penal Law, since 1992; since 1997, member of Instituto de Direito Penal Económico (Institut of European and Economic Criminal Law); since 1998, researcher at Centro de Direito Biomédico; permanent collaborator of the Portuguese Criminal Review (Revista Portuguesa de Ciência Criminal). Presently is preparing a doctoral dissertation in Criminal Law.

III ECTS Credits

The teaching will consist of ca. 60 contact hours. This does not include examinations, excursions and time for course preparation and further reading. There will be two written tests at the end of each week with essay questions and cases.
Students passing the written exams will earn 10 ECTS credits. Marks will be given on the ECTS scale A - B - C - D - E. Students should check with their university how the academic recognition of the course is organised in their home university.

IV Application Requirements

Participating students should at least be in the third year of their studies, preferably further. Since the courses will be held in English and French, good working skills in both languages are required. Most of the classes, though, will be taught in English. Two students from each University will be selected by the participating university. Interested students should get in touch with their local coordinator to get information on the local application procedure for the course (see list of local coordinators).The nominations of the participating students will have to be sent to Coimbra by 15 June 2001.

V Travel and Accommodation

Since we do not have the grant from the Commission of the European Communities each student will have to pay his/her own trip to Portugal (Lisbon or Oporto Airports) and train/ bus to Coimbra.
On the other hand the Accommodation is free. The students will be housed in a student residence in town.

VI Fees

Each student has to pay a fee of 100 EUR, in order to help us cover a small part of the expenses of the course.

VII Social Programme

Monday, 3 September, there will be a dinner offered by the Bar Association (Ordem dos Advogados- Coimbra).
Friday, 7 September, the Governor (Governador Civil de Coimbra) offers us a dinner.
On Saturday, 8 September, there is a trip to Conimbriga, a nearby roman ruin that was once a town. We will also see other interesting surroundings.
Thursday, 13 September, the Medical Association (Ordem dos Médicos - Coimbra) gives us a reception.
The ELSA-Coimbra will also organise some evening parties for the participating students.

VIII The City of Coimbra

WWW links for information on the University of Coimbra and Coimbra City:


IX How to get to Coimbra

By plane: Lisbon Airport or Oporto Airport; afterwards: by bus or by train.

X Further information

More information on the course contents is provided by Professor Guilherme de Oliveira (course director) and Mr André Pereira (course coordinator) at the University of Coimbra.

XI Local cordinators:

Prof Dr Ism Androulidakis-Dimitriadis
Ethniko kai kapodistriako panepistimio Athinon
Aristophanous Str 5
GR 151 22 Athens
fax 00-30-1-80 64 358

Universität Bremen
Akademisches Auslandsamt
Prof Dr H. Lichtenberg
D-28359 Bremen
fax 00-49-421-218 4320

Ms. Catherine Barnard
E2 Bishop's Hostel
Trinity College
Cambridge CB2 1TQ
fax 00-44-1223-338 564

Professor Guilherme de Oliveira
Faculdade de Direito
Universidade de Coimbra
3004-545 Coimbra
fax 00-351-239-821043

Ms. Sabine Michalowski
University of Essex
Department of Law
Wivenhoe Park
Colchester CO4 35Q

Université de Genéve
Monsieur le professeur Bernd Stauder
Faculté de droit
102 bd Carl-Vogt
CH-1211 Genéve
fax 00-4122-705 8467

Professor Raimo Lahti
Faculty of Law
P.O.Box 4
FIN - 00014 University of Helsinki
fax: 00-358-9-1912 3090
email: raimo.lahti@helsinki.fi

Madame le professeur
Geneviéve Schamps
Université Catholique de Louvain
Collége Thomas More
2 Place Montesquieu
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
fax 00-32-10-473 058

Monsieur le professeur
Dominique Breillat
Université de Poitiers
Faculté de droit
F-86022 Poitiers
fax 00-33-5-4945 3152

Universität Regensburg
Akademisches Auslandsamt
c/o Ms. Marianne Sedlmeier
Universitätsstraße 31
D-93053 Regensburg
fax 00-49-941-943-3882
email: marianne.sedlmeier@verwaltung.uni-regensburg.de

Professor M J Bonell
Universitá degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza"
Centro di Studi e Ricerche
Via Panisperna 28
I-00184 Roma
fax 00-39-6-679-8894

Ms. Diane Longley
University of Sheffield
Department of Law
Crookesmoor Building
Conduit Road
Sheffield S10 1FL
email: D.Longley@sheffield.ac.uk

Dean Jaan Ginter
University of Tartu
Faculty of Law
Naituse 20
50409 Tartu
fax 00-372-7-375 399

Dr Elisabeth Rynning
Uppsala Universitet
Juridiska fakulteten
Box 512
S-751 20 Uppsala
fax: 00-46-18-15 27 14
email: Elisabeth.Rynning@jur.uu.se

Prof. Ewoud Hondius
Universiteit Utrecht
Molengraaff Instituut voor Privaatrecht
Nobelstraat 2 A
NL-3512 EN Utrecht
fax: 00-31-30-253 7203

Herrn Prof. Dr Helmut Ofner M. jur
Universität Wien
Institut für Rechtsvergleichung
Schottenbastei 10
A-1010 Wien
fax 00-43-1-4277 9351


Sunday 2. 9. 01

Arrival, Accommodation, social program

Monday 3. 9. 01

9.00- 9.15 Welcome for the course:
      Professor Lopes Porto (Dean of The Faculty of Law),
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira (University of Coimbra), Course Director.

9.15-11.00 Patient´s Rights and the Health Care System in Portugal:
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira (University of Coimbra).
11.15 - 13.00 Patient's Rights and the Health Care System in Finland:
      Professor Raimo Lahti (University of Helsinki).
13.00 - 14.15 Lunch
14.15-16.00 Afternoon Seminar: Patient's Rights in Europe:
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira,
      Professor Raimo Lahti and Professor Herman Nys (University of Leuven).

19.00 Social Programme: Dinner (Bar Association - Coimbra)

Tuesday 4. 9. 01

9.00 -11.00 Euthanasia in Belgium and in the Netherlands:
      Professor Herman Nys (University of Leuven).
11.15. - 13.00 Euthanasie, suicide assisté, medicine palliative: une perspective portugaise:
      Prof. Faria Costa (Université de Coimbra).
13.00 - 14.15. Lunch
14.15 -16.00 Afternoon seminar: Patient's rights at the End of Life:
      Professor Herman Nys,
      Professor Faria Costa and
      Professor Raimo Lahti.

Wednesday 5. 9. 01

9.00 - 10.30 In Vitro Fertilization:
      Professor Asier Urruela-Mora (University of Deusto).
10.30 - 12.00 "Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Surrogate Motherhood"
      Professor Roger Brownsword (University of Sheffield).
12.00 - 13.00 "Wrongful birth and Wrongful life actions":
      Dr. Álvaro Dias (University of Coimbra).
13.00 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15. - 16.00 Afternoon Seminar: Reproductive Health Law:
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira,
      Professor Roger Brownsword,
      Professor Asier Urruela-Mora,
      Professor Clara Pinto Correia, and
      Dr. Álvaro Dias.

Thursday 6. 9. 01

9.00 - 11.00 Genetic and Law:
      Professor Asier Urruela-Mora (University of Deusto).
11.00 - 13.00 "Test cases for Human Dignity: The conjoined Twins and Cloning"
      Professor Roger Bownsword (University of Sheffield).
13.00 - 14.15 Lunch
14.15. - 16.00 Afternoon Seminar: Juridical Implications on Genome Knowledge
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira,
      Professor Roger Brownsword,
      Professor Asier Urruela-Mora,
      Professor Jorge Saraiva.

Friday 7. 9. 01

9.00 - 11.00 Biomedical Research
      Dr. Salla Lötjönen (University of Helsinki).
11.00 - 13.00 "Dommage Corporel"
      Professor Duarte Nuno Vieira (Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra) and
      Dr. Álvaro Dias (University of Coimbra).

13.00-14.30. Lunch
14.45 - 17.00 Examination
14.30.- 18.00: Seminário em língua portuguesa:
O Estado actual do direito português da medicina: Confronto dos sistemas nacionais e oportunidades de Cooperação.
      Governador Civil do Distrito de Coimbra
      Prof. Doutor Guilherme de Oliveira

14.15 - 16.00 "AIDS, a social and a medical problem"
      Professor Costa Andrade and
      Professor Meliço Silvestre

16.15 - 18.00 Research with embryos
      Dr. Sabine Michalowski (University of Essex).

Thursday 13. 9. 01

9.00-11.00 "Les Droits de l'homme comme cadre de référence de la bioéthique et du biodroit. Une mise en perspective philosophique critique.":
      Prof. Gilbert Hottois (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
11.00-13.00 Transplantations
      Prof. Faria Costa (Université de Coimbra).
14.30 - 18.00 General Discussion on the European Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (Oviedo)
      Professor Guilherme de Oliveira,
      Professor Luís Archer (President of the Portuguese Ethics Committee for Life             Sciences);
      Professor Alexandre Quintanilha (Faculty of Medical Sciences Abel Salazar);
      Professor Gilbert Hottois (Free University of Brussels);
      Dr Sabine Michalowski (University of Essex);
      Dr. João Loureiro (University of Coimbra).
19.00 Farewell Party - Dinner (Ordem dos Médicos-Coimbra).

Friday 14. 9. 01

10.45.-13.00 Examination


Course Director: Prof. Dr. Guilherme de Oliveira
Course coordinator:
Dr. André Pereira


Fundação Luso-Americana
The British Council
Fundação Eng. António de Almeida
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Governo Civil de Coimbra
Câmara Municipal de Coimbra
Ordem dos Médicos - Coimbra
Ordem dos Advogados - Coimbra
Serviços Sociais da Universidade de Coimbra